The Barry Joule Archive Fraud

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Posted by Alex 'Alien' Russell on March 13, 19101 at 16:25:02:

In Reply to: Re: Rocking Site posted by John Morrison on October 25, 1999 at 19:41:09:

In London, the Barbican Art Centre is displaying the Barry Joule Archive of alleged Bacon sketches and scratched and painted photos. One only has to see how over-scratched, over-worked and over
(carefully) damaged and torn these photos and sketches are to see that they are obvious crude fakes. In the early 1980's I went through Bacon's studio looking at his source material and none of these Joule Archive artefacts were there; moreover, why would Bacon hide them in his studio...and why did Bacon give these worthless bits of shit paper to Joule to destroy and not destroy them himself? David Sylvester is right to be skeptical and dismisive about this 'rubbish': all the photos of boxers with lines and paint blobs on them reek of weak forgery...bad forgery. Many of these Joule photos and doodles and sketches are over worked, over lined, over torn, over (nicely) damaged to give these alleged Bacon's an 'authentic' look. Joule may have found some photos in Bacon's studio...but the working is not the hand of
Bacon...a fool can see that. Also: Bacon could not draw to save his life and never did drawings...only naff doodles....contrary to post
modern Bacon myth-making that "Bacon could draw." It is the vogue for art critics to promote
the absurd nonsense that Bacon could draw. Bacon was a painter never a draughtsman. Bacon's ethos was to work directly on to the canvas and
not do rehearsals on paper. Bacon may have used photos as a stimulus but he never did those naff silly scratches and lines and paint blobs over them! The Barry Joule Archive is blatant fraud:
this is not the work and hand of Bacon but the work and hand of Joule, Bacon's 'hany man'. Joule's Baconian artefacts are naive, pathetic and crude and only a fool would think they were by Bacon. The Barry Joule Archive is not worth the paper it's scribbled on.

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