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A.I.R. Gallery: advocating for women in the visual arts since 1972. Visit our website for our exhibition schedule. The gallery is located at 111 Front Street #228, Brooklyn, NY 11201 • phone 212.255.6651 • fax 212.255.6653.

Art of Love. an online magazine about erotic art, photography & sexual themed
computer games. We feature art from hundreds of artists in galleries and articles,
including gay art and male erotica.

Artists Wanted is a new organization aimed at providing consistent opportunities for highly-talented yet undiscovered artists to gain recognition on a large scale. The website hosts a series of competition open internationally that allow artists the chance to get their work seen within the professional art world. Their first major competition is going on now, and the site will become a consistent and on-going resource for new competitions.

Flying Wolf Studio offers a stunning collection fine art nudes created in vivid pastel and watercolor media. Flying Wolf Studios offers these amazing pieces in limited and open edition prints, as well as original works of art.

Gay Art Blog Gay and homoerotic art is more than porn. Of course - it is sometimes porn as well, but often gay art is more interesting when it takes a broader view of a gay mans life and condition. Read the Gay Art Blog for a weekly review of gay art and gay artists on the internet.

Gay Romania: Gay and lesbian resources and lifestyle in Romania.

Gay Utopia is an online symposium devoted to exploring that ideal realm in which gender, sexuality, and identity dissolve. It includes poetry, artwork, comics, personal essays, reviews, fiction, drama, slash, and more by Ursula K. Le Guin, Jennifer Baumgardner, Dame Darcy, Johnny Ryan, Ariel Schrag, Julia Serano, Michael Manning, Matt Thorn, Neil Whitacre, Edie Fake, and a host of other contributors.

Glasgay! Scotland's only annual gay and lesbian arts festival, aims to provide the best and most innovative lesbian and gay art across a wide range of disciplines, and to present and promote the work of local artists alongside quality work from throughout the country and abroad.

GLBT World Resources. New (2008) Google online resources of interest to members of the GLBT community.

Good As You! LGBT news and information presented with an irreverent spin. Our tone is light, but our message is firm: We will not sit back and be led to a society that favors discrimination over diversity

HOMOTOPIA.TV. The TV Video archive blog from Liverpool, England.

Chez Netgai A selected list of interesting and useful Gay French websites (Text in French).

OutHistory: Lauched in 2008, is a website in development about gender and sexual history, a site that, at its best, should encourage us to think deeply and critically about historical evidence and what it means to understand LGBT and heterosexual life.

Pablo Picasso, cubism
How and why Pablo Picasso created cubism. Comprehensive study of the art of Pablo Picasso, the quintessential male heterosexual artist of the 20th Century who glorified the female nude and only occasionally focused on the male nude.

Pink Art Gallery: First homoerotic art gallery in Brussels, Belgium

Pink Pasty (blog): LGBT news from Cornwall, UK. Read about this homophobic police conduct towards male Art in Cornwall.

On the Purple Circuit: Promoting GLQBT theatre and performance throughout the world with newsletters, contact information, and resources.

Priapean Tomes. The largest online catalog of Gay antiquarian materials, offering a growing selection of out-of-print art and photography books.

Queer Horror. This site is devoted to exploring the horror genre and its inclusion of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and the transgendered. It's a place where queer folk can explore their interests in, or connections with, the horror genre.he largest online catalog of Gay antiquarian materials, offering a growing selection of out-of-print art and photography books.

Renner Gallery. Exclusive representative for the photographic works of Robert John Guttke and Mark Jenkins. Representative for the photographic works of circus by Gregory Bartning. Largest online catalog of Gay antiquarian materials, offering a growing selection of out-of-print art and photography books.

The Sacred Atinoüs. Erotically charged, explicitly illustrated queer-themed historical fiction about the Roman Emperor Hadrian and his young Greek lover, Antinoüs.

San Francisco Public Library James C. Hormel Gay & Lesbian Center is a research center devoted to the documentation of lesbian and gay history and culture by collecting, preserving and providing access to material on all aspects of the LGBT experience.

Sophocles: The Ultimate Online Study Guide to Sophocles' Three Theban Plays.

Visual Artist Information Hotline, a program of the New York Foundation for the Arts, is a free national information service for individual artists working in all visual arts media. The Hotline empowers artists by providing them with complete information about resources to facilitate their work. Artists can speak directly with staff by calling (800) 232-2789 -1 5 PM EST, Monday through Friday or can email

WebCastro. An online magazine and virtual community featuring the businesses, culture, and people of the Castro district of San Francisco.

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