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Clifton Albergotti Photographic artist who renders elusive dream visions onto paper through the technique of photomontage.(July 2006 Site of the Month)

Badcam Photo. A partnership of two women photographers in Boston, Massachusetts: Berta A. Daniels and Cheryl A.

Daniel Barradas: digital artist uses porn as the basis of his work in 'The Porno to Art Site.'

Alain-Charles Beau. To reveal respectfully and with complicity the intimacy of a model as well its grace or its zones of shadow, are the essential subjects of Alain- Charles Beau's images.

Photos by BIRON. specializing in multicultural male erotic images, Biron's work has been exhibited in the USA, Europe and Asia. His photos and books are available in Paris at the Au Bonheur du Jourr Gallery.

Drasko Bogdanovic. Toronto based photographer specializing in Nude Male and Erotic Photography.

Johan van Breukelen Male Art. Photography portraying men's desire, contact-seeking and bonding with other men.

Greg Bruce, commercial and fine art photographer whose passion is portraiture and nudes.

Jo Brunenberg Photography & Design. Fine Art photography for galleries, museums and collectors.

Richard and Terry Buffington. Images captured from inner dreams, not necessarily from what we claim is the real world.

Cameron. eXXXpose, a photo project by the Swiss artist explores the ways gay men present themselves on the Web (text in German).

Loren Cameron. Online Alchemy: The Art of Loren Cameron, includes information about the author and photographer of Body Alchemy, exhibition information, and a gallery of his work.

Robert Cannon Photography: Celebrating the male physique from timeless erotic images to beefcake and the male nude.

Pedro Castro: Most of my pictures are a combination of sexuality and raw colors mixed with a total lack of respect for photography rules, meaning that the pictures I take correspond to an intimate, chaotic, and in my perspective, more natural look at individuals. All pictures are made with people who are my friends. This is Queer contemporary photography on non-heteronormative lifestyles. "Normality is an excuse for the unimaginative." (August 2011 Site of the Month)

Cardella Iconic Photography: Art that celebrates the male form.

Rick Castro. Los Angeles-based kinky photographer/filmmaker. (adults only) .

Karima Cherif. San Francisco based photographer whose work, published internationaly in Hustler’s Taboo, Skin Two, Leg Show, and Leg World, spans from Fashion, Erotica, Gay Lifestyle, Editorial Portraiture, to Fine Art Underwater photography.

Aaron Cobbett. Fine art photographer who expands his television and commercial clientele, but keeps one foot firmly planted in the gutter. He is the glamour photographer of choice for everyone in NYC from well heeled drag stars and Times Square hustlers to top celebrities and show biz types.

Jeff Compasso. Gay photographer based in West Hollywood, California. His web site features 30 Human Form Galleries.

Duane Cramer. San Francisco based gay photographer whose work has appeared internationally. He specializes in portraits, nudes and still life images. (Oct. 2004 Site of the Month)

Val Desjardins is a Montreal photographer and a video artist who uses performance as a way to express her ideas about the Body, Sex and Social Roles. (Nov-Dec. 2007 Site of the Month)

Robert Dodge: Manscapes and landscapes! An online gallery of photography.

James Dugger: Duggerjam Fine Arts. Digital images from photography to pure computer graphics.

Mark Gebhardt: Male nude photographer published by BlueBooks. Also portrait, physique, artristic, and architecture photography.

Kenneth Gregg. Feelings find their expression in the form of male nudes.

Eryk Hagen is an art student in Germany. Requests you turn on your speakers before you visit his amusing Website.

Russell C. Hay. "As a photographer, capturing what is in my mind's eye is the most important thing. I strive to bring out what I see in the subject, even if it does not exist in reality."

Conrad Hechter was born in South Africa and studied film in Sydney, Australia. His portraits and male nudes have been exhibited in Sydney, Capetown, California and New York.

Martin Hiddink. Dutch-born, living and working in Milan.

J.B. Higgins. A prolific creative artist, Higgins' photography is thematically diverse. From black & white male nudes, to urban landscapes and intimate portraits, his images are clear, sensitive, and uncompromising. Not surprisingly they continue to be widely published and exhibited. His collaborative work with painter and set designer Michel Gretch is also featured on this website. (Jan. '08, site of the month)

Himagery. Gallery primarily of male, nude, photo-based, computer generated art.

Alan Bennett Ilagan. My website is a repository for my creative endeavors. It features my writing, photography, articles, and projects - each of which reflects my life as a gay man making his way in the world.

Dave Kube. Photographer who shoots images that deal with gay identity including the abstract self portraits Relationhip Diet and Industrial Pride.

Emmanuela de Leon. Portraiture, figure studies, and fine art nudes of women and gender queers at Galleria Emmanuela. A deeper beauty in faces and bodies with rewarding narratives: what we survive; that which we hold in our physical frames; the ways in which we interact and present ourselves to the world; the beauty in surviving pain.

A Lesbian World. The natural magnificence of a Lesbian woman as seen through the eyes of photographer eljayrae.

Marcelo Maia. Fine art black and white male nude photography that has something to say about racism and sexuality

Andres Mauri. Contemporary queer photographer based in Barcelona, Spain. Check out the Andréas Mauri Gallery (March-April 2011, Site of the Month).

Glen Mitchell. "As I photograph the male, I explore my feelings revolving around such themes as beauty and desire. "

Pierre-Yves Monnerville. French fine art photographer based in the UK mainly shooting male nudes and queer photography inspired by urban gay life.

Jayro Montesinos: an art photograhher from Madrid who specializes in multicultural male nude and erottic images and finds beauty from all areas of our burgeoning global community. ( Dec-Jan 2009-2010 QAR site of the month).

Pedro Moraes : "Stories. Nights. Soapoperas." Erotic photography (text in German and Portuguese)

Brian Orter. New York lighting designer turned photographer.

Jeff Palmer Originals. A rotating exhibition of the male nude by Southern California based gay photographer.

Antone Pavlov. Creator of Molly, his leather and bondage muse. This photographer uses his camera to capture Molly 's intriguing Fine Art Sexual Fictions which Pavlove transforms into stunning limited edition prints.

Jill Posener. Internationally acclaimed photographer and author, Posener's site includes portraits, graffiti, erotica and humor ( June-July 2010, site of the month).

Kelly Puleio. San Francisco based professional photographer specializing in a wide range of images including b/w and color portraits and landscapres. Website provides a nicel selection.

Billy Quinn happens to be a gay artist whose work explores many themes. He uses the nom de plume 'doublevelvet' at this Flickr website.

Xavier Radic. Photographer for almost 40 years, with recent exhibition in New York. Also runs Artist Retreats for Artists in and visiting Waihi, New Zealand. This website showcases other New Zealand artists besides Radic.

Richard Renaldi. Pier 45.  This project conveys the unique character of the Christopher Street piers and their denizens including drag queens and muscle boys. Also has a wonderful new series on Gay & Lesbian Elderly.

Dylan J. Ricci. Male Nude Photography. Elegant site.

Sally's Hideaway. Dedicated to the spirit of awe and wonderment and the strong, flawed, fearless, tragic and heroic humanity found at the Times Square nightclub.

Samoamax. Digital photographer recycling gay images in a personal, artistic and somehow ironic new concept with a very edgy Italian style. (Requires FLASH plug-in)

Rebekah Schiller. Polaroid Transfers and emulsion lifts that are either hand-colored, collaged or both. "I do most of the coloring with pastels and watercolor pencils."

Swabel Studio. Eric Schwabel is an edgy and modern photographer with a classic sensibility. His body of work includes celebrity portraiture, fashion, nudes, and still lives.

Harald Seiwer, artist living in Amsterdam. Recent photo project: 'Cumrades, Male Erotic Photo Art.'" Surreal gender bending photo collages.

Will Shank. Six Degrees of Fabrication; paired images provide food for thought.

Hugh Shurley. This master of the photo-collage has been creating and exhibiting his three-dimensional art since the early 1990s. A must see website. (September 2006, Site of the Month).

Daniel J. Skråmestø: The Porno to Art Site. Portugese artist whose computer generated works have their origins in gay porn images downloaded from the net.

Kevin Slack. Toronto-based photographer who works primarily in Cuba and in Havana in particular, focusing on Cuban men.

Jack Slomovits. Original male nude, exhibitions, photography and digital printing.

Henry Symonds. Very elegant site. Henry is "particularly interested in issues relating to settler, immigrant, diasporic and marginalised

Studio Jorgen. Fine art photography by Jay Jorgensen, a winner of the Tom of Finland Emerging Erotic Art Contest. (Adults only).

John Tozzi. Erotic/sensual photography of a slightly different nature. I use the "regular guy" approach. No six packs, just decent looking regular guys in cool settings.

Bill Travis. Dreamy, sensual images of the male nude by internationally exhibited fine-art photographer.

Vintage Male Photo Studio.  Beefcake photos from 1947 to 1958. David's catalog of "Artist's Models" and "Physique Photographs" is available free.

Mrs. Vera, aka David Faulk, has created a unique artistic drag personna, Mrs. Vera whose elborate costumes and make up are documented by his partner, the photographer Michael Johnstone. (April 2005, Site of the Month)

Scott Waterman. The site is a portrait study exploring the self, body image and emotions. All works are digitally manipulated photography.

Gareth Watkins. Black & white photography of beautiful New Zealand boys.

Brett Wexler. Using both classical photographic techniques and computer enhanced graphics, Wexler explores the issues of men as objects, as boy toys, and our complex relationships.

Carla Williams. Carla's writings and photographs, a research library and reference materials related to black artists and in particular, images of black women-- plus extensive links to other sites related to black, gay and lesbian artists.

Drew Wojcik Gallery: black & white photography featuring portraits, male nudes, and city scapes.

Women Artists of the American West: "Lesbian Photography on the U.S. West Coast 1972-1997," by Tee Corinne. (Sept., '98 site of the month)

Albert van Westing photographs friends, acquaintances and strangers, people he meets by chance. One might expect that his enormous formats and the clearly visible screens would result in distanciing and absence of feeling. The opposite is true: by enlarging the ephemeral, he is able to instill intensity and vulnerability, and immortalize the individuals depicted in the most benign manner.

Ron L. Zheng: Poetography is a new art form merging traditional tanka poetry and photography. By combining photographic imagery with poetry, it creates a dynamic tension that infuses new meanings into the words and images.

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