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Amaranth Womyn Lesbian Community & Magazine: venue for womyn artists to display and promote their art, paintings, and photography to writings of all kinds.

Arts Extra! is a Queer positive online publication by Jamie Windborne who covers news, features and the fanfare of the San Francisco arts community.

Behind the Mask is a web magazine on Gay and Lesbian affairs in Africa, based in Johannesburg, SA. You might be interested in our arts and culture section or our links to LGBT organisations and websites in various African countries.

Blithe House Quarterly: a site for gay short fiction invites you to browse its latestedition.

Bookstorming.com. A Paris-based online resource for contemporary art publications, editions and artists' books.

The Cockettes. The rise and fall of the legendary San Francisco theatrical troupe, 1969-1972.

Steven Cohen. Gay, Jewish performance artist of some infamy based in SouthAfrica.

Concharbooks 50+ categories, from antiquarian first-editions to all types of fiction. A fun and extensive gay-owned bookstore with a radical Celtic flavour, selling to all over the world from Cardiff, Wales.

CreamDrops. An Art and Literary Journal for Gay Men published by David Olin Tullis in Saint Louis, Missouri with current and back issues available free online.

The Quentin Crisp Archives preserves and maintains the manuscripts, artworks by and about, and various artifacts related to the life and legend of Quentin Crisp for the purpose of education, research and the promotion of his philosophy of individuality, self acceptance and tolerence., editing, coaching, and related resources.

GALA Magazine/ Gay And Lesbian Artists - giving voice to unseen, unheard, and undiscovered artists within the gay and lesbian community.

The Gay & Lesbian Review is widely considered the premier forum for discussion and analysis of contemporary gay, lesbian and bisexual ideas and literature.

Isolated Instances. Short fiction of the Lesbian Angst persuasion, and an annotated directory of other quality GLBT fiction and literature resources.

Juha, a Queer Palestinian Hip Hop outfit based in Hawai'i.

Kyle's Bed & Breakfast, a warm, uplifting comic strip showing gay men dealing with life issues, created by Greg Fox.

La Marchesa Luisa Casati. Devoted to the extraordinary life and legend of the Marchesa Luisa Casati, incomparable artistic muse, patron to numerous Gay & Lesbian artists, and cult icon. Also be sure to check out Infinite Variety, the new bio of the Marchesa. (Nov.'01 Site of the Month)

Lesbian Movie Reviews. Interesting and entertaining lesbian movies in many different genres. You can submit your own review, too!

Lodestar Quarterly.
New fiction, poetry, and drama by some of today's finest gay, lesbian, and queer writers.

NYU's Downtown Collection A research collection at New York University that is preserving the archives of Dennis Cooper,David Wojnarowicz, Tim Dlugos, David Trinidad, and others involved in the Queer scene of the last 25 years. Available for public use.

A Real Read. Chicago's premiere LGBT African American performance ensemble, represents a community living under a dual minority status. Through poetry, prose and plays, the ensemble strives to give a voice to a community often silenced, while offering performances that reflect the universal.

Rhizome is a comprehensive resource for information and critical writing about what's going on at the intersection of emerging technology and contemporary art.

Arthur Rimbaud. The Drunken Boat: the 19th Century gay life and poetry of Arthur Rimbaud who is considered by many critics to be France's greatest poet.

The Sacred Antinous. Erotically charged illustrated queer-themed historical fiction about the Roman Emperor Hadrian and his young Greek lover Antinous. "My vision for the project," states creator Shawn Postoff, "is one that combines the online writing with staged performances and visual arts including original mosaics, drawing and painting,"

SF International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. Presented by Frameline, the Festival recently celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Solanas Online. We want to offer a resource to queer kids all over the planet in search of an alternative to XY magazine, Ani Difranco, and the token "Real World" Fag on this season's run. (May '03 Site of the Month)

Songs from the Age of the Closet. A compilation of art songs written by gay composers from the 19th and early 20th centuries, performed by Elif Savas and Martin Hennessy.

spoonfed:amerika. an extraordinary site for those people who refuse to be categorized; who strive for growth, understanding and peace. It is for anyone who can express the complexity of the human experience visually or in written form and wants to contribute to a greater understanding for the rest of us. (Oct. '01 Site of the Month)

Stonewall Chorale. The Stonewall Chorale is the oldest gay and lesbian chorus in the U.S.

Strange de Jim: one of the reasons why San Francisco is not New York, or Tulsa, or Chernobyl, or any other place.

Suspect Thoughts . A journal of subversive writing, with illustrations by Tim Slowinski. (June '001 Site of the Month)

Theoretical.com: A fantastic (though sometimes grim) journey that begins in the queer underground music and art scene of LA in the early 1980's, documenting some of those who fell during The Plague (AIDS) and what some of the survivors are up to now.

Timil Deeps. Home of the comic strip, '52 TIMIL DEEPS! Featuring new episodes, FREE DEEPS stuff, online shopping, character information, contests and games.

Karl Heinrich Ulrichs: a Website in the form of a festschrift / memory book created to commemorate the 175th jubilee birthday of Gay activist Karl Heinrich Ulrichs.

Uncle Donald's Castro Street is a collection of stories and pictures about the San Francisco Castro district in the 1970's, including an extensive Harvey Milk section.

Walt Whitman Hypertext Archive presents digitized images of Whitman's writings in their original documentary forms. This is a fascinating example of the power of the web to make the rarest of manuscripts accessible to everyone.

Wild Hearts: Lesbian Sacred Sexuality & Arts features photography, poetry and music by Elsa Gidlow, Jennifer Berezan, and Marcelina Martin.

World History of Male Love. A very interesting site intended to bring back into the light of common knowledge the examples of those societies – our own ancestors – that integrated the love of one male for another into the social fabric.

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