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Davide dell'Acqua. From origfinal pen and ink drawings this artist creates powerful digital cyber art featuring erotic male and female images and architectural forms. A mysterious highly sensual quality permeates the work of this gifted artist from Como, Italy. (May 2008 Site of the Month).

Aleuyar. A visually fascinating site featuring net.art, digital art, web pages, literature, culture and photography (Castellano).

Charles Alexander: His collage, mixed media, acrylics, watercolors, prints, and 3D constructs are energetic-- bursting with color, line and movement.

Augie Alvarez, Phinix Grafix. Paintings and photography.

Kalliope Amorphous. artist and self-taught phootgrapher working with the self portrait as a means of exploring ideas of identity, gender, myth and archetype.

Paolo Angelotti. Sculpture in metal and wood by the Italian artist.

Michelle Auboiron: Painting in Action. Live painting, large size, where the essence of the figurative and the vigorousness of the abstract are reconciled.

Francis Bacon: Even as old as I am, it doesn't stop me from looking at men...as if anything might happen, as if life were about to start again; often when I go out in the evening I flirt as if I were only 50. We ought to be able to change our engines. This is the artist’s privilege—to be ageless. Passion keeps you young, and passion and liberty are so seductive. When I paint I am ageless, I just have the pleasure or the difficulty of painting.  -In conversation, August 13, 1973.

Wolfgang Bauer. An Austrian born oil painter and artist, Wolfgang is known for his expansive use of canvas. Educated in Europe and America, he has exhibited his work throughout the U.S. and many other countries. (April 2007 Site of the Month)

Robert Roane Beard, recent paintings, watercolors and drawings from South Africa by the New York-based artist.

Kurt von Behrmann. Visual artist, arts writer and published poet living and working in Phoenix, Arizona.

Claudio Bindella. Gay, Italian artist in Milan. His paintings mainly concern gay themes and male portraits.

Simon Bell. New paintings of the human body fragmented, by the London artist.

Luis BlancSimon Bell. New paintings of the human body fragmented, by the London artist.hard. Argentine artist from La Rioja whose colorrful "paintings from the end of the world" masterfully blend European influences with pre-Columbian designs. (March 2007 Site of the Month)

Richard Bolingbroke. Lush, joyous and vivid watercolors and monotypes of flowers. (Sept. 2008 Site of the Month)

Marie Bourdages: Mady is an amazing Canadian Lesbian painter from Montreal whose works range from abstract seascapes with fabulous whales to haunting figurative works mostly of women and androgynous characters. (July 2005 Site of the Month)

Michael Breyette.Studio1088 celebrates the athletic male form, though you will find fantasy and whimsical works as well.

Romaine Brooks. She is one of a handful of lesbian painters from the early 20th Century for whom we have substantial documentation. Lots of images. (Text in Italian) ---website is temporarily down---

Hilton Brown: "I like to look at men. My earliest memory of what I now realize was sexual desire was directed towards another boy. That reality has been a constant focus throughout my long life as a man and artist. Since I believe self expression is the reason to be an artist, then it follows that my sexual desire as a gay male is the subject of my art." Works on paper and canvas spanning 40 years with nearly 30 devoted to the male form. Highly recommended. (Site of the month: January 2006)

Marco Brown Maltese artist who exhibits in Tel Aviv. "Marco's paintings are Zen meditations that let you immerse yourself in them. They glow and one feels a light emanating out of them. A single stroke of colour either delinates or creates a visual field and the positive and negative spaces intermingle creating a sensual dance to delight the senses." -Bernadette da Cunha, Artist and Film Director, India.

Rene Capone. San Francisco based Gay figure painter who has produced with a full cast and slideshow of his graphic novel, The Legend of Hedgehog Boy soon to be perfromed at the SF-LGBT Community Center and the Roman Brooks Arts Center in New York City.

David Carr. Male figures painted by David Carr occupy a void; sometimes taking over the canvas, or just intruding onto it, but their realistic, almost photographic, treatment and his use of light to carve the figure from the background seek to draw the eye into each work and captivate the viewer.

Ray Castro.Surrealistic solutions to personal issues of a gay man, in oil on canvas.

Joelle Circé. My artwork looks at the female body, mind and sense of empowerment. I am presently working on a series of oil paintings celebrating queer lives and people. I create erotic as well as more political art, always from my personal view which is informed in part by my being born with a biological condition called transsexuality and and also from being a queer Femme.

Peter Colstee. "Painter of the male nude and other stuff."

Francisco Córdoba. Painting by the Costa Rican-born artist living and working in Rome, Italy.

Federico Correa. Contemporary oil paintings by the California-born artist.

Xavier Cortada, paintings by the Cuban-American gay artist, attorney and activist.

Rob Costin. Paintings and drawings in a very attractive site.

Howard Cruse. The kid from Alabama moved to the big city and became an underground cartoonist and gay activist.

Martin Davies, Australian artist using the idea of a labyrinth to display his art online.

Jean Claude Davreux . L'art fantastique de Jean Claude Davreux.

Tony de Carlo is a native Los Angeles painter who captures the spirit of gay Latino California.

Danny Boy Studio. Danny Babineaux creates Artwork of Hairy Bears, Daddies, Mature Men and Muscle. He works in oil, acrylic and graphite. He has become quite well known in the Mature/Bear Communities and sells his work worldwide. (May '07 Site of the Month)

Greg Denton. Bold oil on canvas paintings and poetry by the Washington, D.C. based artist.Drub. Digital illustrations combine photo-pornography with a comic book aesthetic, mixed with humor and pop culture references. The subject matter draws upon images of punks, skaters, skinheads and blue collar workers.

Bart Dick. Fine homo-eotic male art Paper Cuttings and Drawings. Homosexuality as part of nature and related to otherworlds.

Bruce Eves: Bruce has two sites you'll want to visit, an introduction to his work, and My Idea of Fun, conceptually-based digital work which navigates the area between desire and despair.

Fagart. Work by Dan Pillers. "My intent is not to lessen or dismiss the work of others but rather to acknowledge the individual perspectives, issues of concern and facts of life, as seen through the eyes of gay men."

Daniel Ferguson Gay Canadian artist and illustrator.

Peter Flinsch. "I try to communicate the beauty of the body, of the male body, of the human body, and in a very positive sense. I'm not trying to take the body apart - I see it as a whole. I'm optimistic about the body. I say yes to the body. I don't deny it. I never have."

Sandrine Follère. Featuring sculpture, pastels, watercolors and paintings by the French artist. (Jan '09 Site of the Month)

Peter Foss. Focusing on the vibrant gay scene in Berlin, Germany, he seeks to explore elements of the fetish scene including subjects such as modern gay leathermen, rubber, uniforms, bondage, and skin identities. Foss' paintings also depict the more mature male body.

Ann Foster In all patriarchies images pervade of women as victims, passive onlookers or receptacles. In her courageous work Ann utilizes the very archetypes that define us turning and twisting them slowly and curiously into 'Warrior Women.' Why not visit onlline this talented Lesbian Artist from the small town of Scarborough,England? (Nov. '05 Site of the Month)

Michael Freed. This artist from Santa Fe, New Mexico, works with the male figure in mixed media on panel. "I'm interested in the male nude in the context of composing the body as landscape. Rather than photo realism, I seek an emotional or even ethereal approach to the male form." (Feb. '06 Site of the Month)

Richard Freeman. A wide range of subject matter, but best-known for his vivid portraits.

Gay-Art.ru. Alexey and Alexey – two gay Russian artists in Moscow – believe gay art should be present in everyday surroundings: "We hope it will decorate your life and the interior of your house." In addition to their paintings, drawings, and sculptures, they create original hand painted glass clocks, plates and pendants.

Gilbert and George: The official website is down, but check out the ArtEncyclopedia for a list of their online exhibitions and articles.

Andrew Georgiou:Graphic artist and creator of the comic strip "Mr. Gisby's Totally Gay Pet Shop" which is internationally syndicated and in print in over 100 cites worldwide. The antics of his homo-animals deal with gay issues in a way that skillfully undermines gay bigotery. Comic strips are one of the great popular art forms of our time and this strip explores the most sensitive gay issues with disarminghumor.

Carl Gopalkrishnan (aka Gopal): The art of Carl Gopallkrishnan appears in international magazines and journals of poetry, politics and culture. Born in the UK and residing in Australia, Carl is a multi-ethnic gay man who uses his painting to investigate global consciousness by using a queer political lens. His website features his art from 1991 to the present and includes his studio blogs.

Bob Gregory, bronze statue art representing the Nude Male form including erotic artthat ranges from partial nudity to explicit gay male expression.

Aurelio Grisanty, Dominican born artist, served as Director and professor of Graphic Design in both Catholic and Autonoma Universities in Santo Domingo City. His work has captivated audiences on three continents since his first solo show in 1974. (Feb. '01 Site of the Month)

The Art of Hafeez. Autumn, flowers, and human feelings are the inspiration for Hafeez's oil-on- canvas paintings.

Adam Halicki is an international working artist specializing in paintings and drawings: erotic, portrait and travel impressions. His art works are in major\collections. in Canada, USA and Germany.

Paul Hamilton.(temporarily closed) Aged 28 and with no formal art education, Paul was featured in a prestigious coffee-table homoerotica book and given the tag "oneof the world's greatest photographers." "I'm hardly all that," he says, "and still unemployed/homeless/poverty-struck. But I'm beginning to sell some prints online and have further book projects in the works and a lot of critical praise accumulating." Check out his site and see why.(July 2002 Site of the Month)

Edd Tokarz Harnas. Blog showing paintings and drawings, portraits andfigures of this Honolulu based graphic artist.

Moxy Hart. Enter the colourful vibrant world of this SouthAfrican artist. Homoerotic art, portraits and studies of the male figure in oils. (August 2010 Site of the Month).

Becki Jayne Harrelson. Fine art exploring religious mythology and contemporary social issues.

Maurice Heerdink. Although it is easy to shock through art, I prefer to create a tender, only slightly naughty eroticism that I call "playful eroticism."

Kenneth Hemmerick explores the creative deconstruction and reconstruction of gaypornographic images found on the Internet.

Kole Bentley Hicks: "In its simplest form my work represents the deconstruction and reformation of identity;" abstract and figurative paintings by San Francisco artist, (March 2010 Site of the Month).

Dion Hitchings.
My art is primitive narrative, childlike, colorful, self-revealing, erotic, funny, strange and lots of eyes. My inspirations come from many places: people I see and work with, dreams, plants at the nursery, news items, guests on the Jerry Springer show and nature.

Rinaldo Hopf is a visual artist using painting, photography and installation. He deals with issues of Queer identity, history, rebellion, beauty and ecstasy.

Ken Hurd. British artist who creates original screenprint paintings on canvas or small editions on paper. Subject matter ranges from flowers to male nudes.

Iko Studio. Italian stained glass studio of Diego Tolomelli who produces the world's first homo-eotic stained glass panels (June '08 Site of the Month).

Alan Bennett Ilagan. This website features the writing, photography, articles, and projects reflecting the life of a gay man making his way in the world. His first solo photography, "The Eye of the Ego", a visual meditation on the battle between the artist and the ego, took place in 2008 at the Capital DIstrict Gay and Lesbian Community Center in Albany, NY.

Scott Jeffs. Gay artist from Portland, Oregon, Scott's work includes award-winning pencil drawings, pastel landscapes and other works on paper. Inspired by Michelangelo's drawings, his emphasis is on classical and contemporary studies of the male figure. (July '08 Site of the Month).

Jeff Junker – aka Jeff Flasher – is a gay graphic artist actively creative since his teenage years. Different punk scenes, especially the street punk scenes, have influencd his work which uses both profession materials and household items. He's a member of Gay Men, Hardcore Punk and Let There Be Rock! at Redbubble.

David King. Gay artist, based in San Francisco, who creates traditional cut and paste collages on the themes of sexuality, spirituality and HIV.

Chris Komater is reinvigorating the male nude tradition in photography. His website brings the same spirit of innovation to the Internet. That's why we've selected it as (Feb. '99 Site of the Month).

Krayel Art Studio offers an eclectic array of styles, themes and subject matter, from celebrity portraits and abstracts to photo realistic figurative works.

Clarke Lane: an artist, teacher and activist living and working in Providence, Rhode Island. "My hope is that this site will be an intervention into the homogenization of culture and life and not a reproduction of existing queer sites.

Max Lawrence. Website includes a portfolio of abstract work and an extensive slide portfolio including figurative, photography, and video works.

Jeff Long. Long's poetic paintings and works on paper encompass both religious symbolism and postmodern theory.

Loren J. Macias. The ButchDick collection. Just what it sounds like: very Tom ofFinland, but at the same time, oddly elegant.

Madwillow Creekhouse, a gallery dedicated to the work of American artist William Joseph Petrie.

Mara McWilliams is a bipolar Lesbian artist who shares her voice through her art and writing galleries. From mental health articles to essays on the legalization of same sex marriage, her Recovery Through Art website touches on it all. The site is also filled with valuable mental health and LGBT links.

Barry Margolin. Creator of Painted Screen Productions, a website showing story-board Ken doll animated gay streaming videos dealing with iconoclastic Christian subject matter and S&M bondage with whips and cattle prods. We expect to see Margolis' films soon at the major international gay film festivals! Catch them here first and free!

Roberta Marinas. M
y recent body of work addresses the deep spiritual life of manand his inward reflection. My goal is to challenge our perceptions of spirituality and to delve beneath the surface.

Nicolaas Maritz. A South African artist whose colorful, bittersweet work is morecamp than overt, more peculiar than queer.

Mara McWilliams. Outta My Head and In Your Face is a selection of poetry anartwork that chronicles Mara's journey through the depths of mental illness todiagnosis and recovery.

Lawrence E. Miller. Mixed Images Gallery: multi-media artwork.

Sebastian Moreno. Paintings by the Mexican artist.

Dale Moses. Bright colors and simple images reflect artist Dale Moses' puckishview of life.

Maureen Mullarkey. Of three portfolios of my work here, one is devoted to images drawn from New York's Gay Pride Parade. I love medieval art and am attracted to the Pride parade because it provides an example of what Italo Calvino meant when he referred to "the neo-medievalization of contemporary life." Also on site are uncommon paintings of traditional subjects by eight other painters. It matters, I think, that gay subject matter be presented within a larger context--not cordoned off as ghetto art. (Aug. 2000 Site of the Month)

Nikias, designer of an erotic gay themed male jewelry at Esculpta, an ongoing project focused on promoting select works art that are created in limited quantities by free spirited artists and artisans that define their own aesthetic views and principles. These creators intend to stay independent and free from creating designs for mass production and to develop their work imaginatively and creatively.

Blue Fox Gallery, Tony Ivie & Wayne Noffsinger artists, Etna Wyoming. Stoneware, raku and wood-fired pottery. Hand sculpted masks and contemporary jewelry. Etna, Wyoming.

Frederick Nunley. Male Figure Drawings in a range of media.

Evan Oberholster. Paintings focus on the nude within contemporary culture, particularly within the South African context.

Andrew Ogus. Mixed media works on paper, celebrating the beauty of men and exploring ancient mythologies in homoerotic terms.

Per Olund. This Swedish artist's main interest is the image as language, He focuses on the enigma of the male sexuality. "Grotesque pictures which depictslustfulness," writes Olle Bergqvist.

Michael Onona: Art of the New. Combining technical excellence with powerful and unnerving imagery, Michael Onona' s paintings concentrate on depicting and conveying human emotion. Through personal and unconventional visions of beauty his imagery suggests a spiritual depth that challenges our perceptions. (Dec.2000 Site of the Month)

H. Avni Oztopcu. Turkish painter dealing with "the problems of putting the abstractworld which has been established in our minds into an objective shape."

PeepsShow. Dedicated to the sugary goodness of Marshmallow Peeps andMarshmallow Bunnies. They're not just for Easter anymore!

Raphael Perez. Oil paintings, acrylics and illustrations.

Michael Pfleghaar. An artist living and working in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His oilpastel drawings and oil paintings are colorful still-lives and interior studies.

Player Gallery: Darkly erotic and sometimes disturbing paintings with a biastowards religious and skinhead imagery.

Craig Poindexter. Costume and setdesign and new media graphics are some ofthe influences in his fine paintings.

Egon Posselt. German painter who has created gay art for over 50 years. His colorful paintings and black & white drawings are either expressionistic or realistic in style and range in subject matter from erotic male nudes, to landscapes and flowers. His erotic art can be quite whimsical such as his pre-cum leaking banana and hiscock head of John as required by Salome.

Queeristics is a website showing queer drawing, illustration and thought. How is what someone called a “queer activist lifestyle” represented in drawings? And how can theory input flow back into artwork? Hamburg based aritist, CHRIS CAMPE is looking to connect with other people who are into drawing and illustration and queer activism and theory. (Aug. 2008 - Site of the Month).

. Rainbow Warrior. With colors derived from the rainbow flag, RD's paintings tell the stories of our communities.

Jacki Randall. Self-taught artist, musician/writer whose work first appeared in the early 80's queer press. Included are spiritual and erotic paintings, illustration,cartoons, and tattooing.

Paul Richmond. "Drawing upon my own experiences as a young man who was raised in a conservative, Midwestern environment and struggled to come to terms with my homosexuality, I explore deeply personal feelings, insecurities, fears and triumphs in this collection of new paintings titled "Ins and Outs." (June 2007 - Site ofthe Month!)

Rob. Bound In Ink is bear art b/w drawings by Rob, a gifted West Virginia artist and graduate of the Arts Institute of Philadelphia. Web galleries show his recent and commissioned works.

James R. Reinke: Works in a variety of media, including inks, paints, prints and 3-D.The one constant is subject matter: male nudes; gay centric; some female nudes.

Robert Rootenberg. Diseased and injured victims, scars, bruises, nails and wire, botched surgeries, car wrecks and prosthetic devices: this is the world that reflects my work.

Alex Alien Russell: School of Francis Bacon Website displays figure and portrait paintings influenced by Bacon.

Brenden Sanborn. Sanborn's paintings accentuate the beauty and trueness of theromantic union and friendship between men.

Ira C. Smith. Erotic illustrator extrordinaire of the leather community with varied subject matter including rarely seen lesbian bondage.

San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Artist Alliance is a group of Gay and Lesbian artists, craftspeople and photographers who share ideas to collectively exhibit their work.

Sands Murray-Wassink, Amsterdam, Netherlands. "My work is primarily directed at a gay/homosexual/queer white male American, European, and world audience and anyone else who is interested."

Saved By the Belles is an examination of identity, sexuality and memory. The site showcases many artworks by young and established queer artists and invites the community to share its vision. (Sept. '03: Site of the Month)

Scattergood-Moore Drawings: award winning charcoal portrait drawings along with interesting pages on Queer Culture, GLBT artists and resources.

Aaron Sciandra.Graphic artist and sculptor who works with various media includingvideo, paper, neon, metal and candy. Check it out! Nov. 2006 Site of the Month.

Philip Shadbolt. Australian born gay artist based in the UK creates colorful, intricate paintings and prints influenced by his extensive travels throughout India

Tejal Shah. Tejal is a visual artist working with video, photography and installation in Bombay, India. (June '09: Site of the Month)

Douglas Simonson. This internationally celebrated artist works in Honolulu and has been painting professionally for nearly 30 years. His website is his gallery, andcontains over 2,500 Simonson works. April. 2009 Site of the Month.

Trevor Southey. Reconciliation: Africa/Family/Mormon/Gay, a retrospective of the artist's paintings and drawings over the past thirty years.

Scott Andrew Spencer. "Being gay is a gift, a variation on a theme. Love is too powerful to be shaped or confined," states this self taught painter, influenced by Max Beckmann and Milton Avery, whose paintings are featured at the 123 Sohoweb gallery.

John Steczynski. Tradition, Creativity, and the Liturgical Artist.

Kim A. Stringfellow's The Charmed Horizon is a meditation on desire, enchantment, loss and renewal-- and one of the most beautiful sites we've seen in a long time. (Dec.'98 Site of the Month)

Trygve Skogrand. Norwegian artist from Oslo who makes homoerotic art. He worksin digital media, photography and traditional paint.

Alvin Tapia. Paintings evoke emotions of serenity, happiness and peace.

E.A. Taylor. In a world of uncertainty, conflict and brutality, Taylor's animal paintings are reassuring, charming and amusing. They capture and reflect the personality and spirit that explains why we love our pets so much. (Dec. '02 Site of the Month)

Skye Thorstenson. Gay Natve-American/Norwegian film installation artist. His Lost Head Factory, Manufacturers of Conjuration, presents his latest films and over a dozen interesting digital art projects.

Michael Tice. Semi-autobiographical paintings explore desire and loss.

Diego Tolomelli: artist who designs and produces, with IKO Studio, stained glass panels in Rome. The glass is kiln-fired at 650°C fusing the special paints and enamels to the mouth-blown glass. Tolomelli's gay themed panels include The Kiss and Male Nude.

Scott Treleaven. Home of the award-winning paganfaggotpunk filmmaker andwriter. Texts, events, clips + photos. Real under-the-counter-culture.

Henry Scott Tuke, a gay painter of the Newlyn school. With contemporary photographs of Tuke's world.

Tulip Enterprises. Berlin-based artists Hans Booy & Paulus Fugers aim to reach beyond an artworld audience, by showing their installations in international clubs and organizing exhibitions in unusual places. Also visit: New Community: Ironically attacking homophobia by producing "Anti-gay Spray" and battling ignorance by building a giant walk-in HIV-medicine box.

Cristán Vega. Moderrnist gay painter now iliving in remote area of Chile who was unable to obtain political asylum in the US after living 12 years in Los Angeles.

Daryl Vocat. A young Canadian artist who has a lot to say: words and images called "Infestant Propaganda." Powerful and very funny.

Tad j van der Weele. Abstract work, painting and ceramics by the artist from New Mexico.

Christián Vega. Gay artist from Chile: "I am motivated every day by the prospect that with my work as an artist, as a painter, as a gay person, but foremost and as human being that I can make an impact with my work and inspire viewers by capturing their imagination and encouraging them to think of other places, other worlds, other realities that they would not have considered."

A.J. Wagenhals is a gay artist living in N.Y.C. who uses major nightclubs as the forum to display his exuberant paintings.

The Art of Steve Walker. "I paint about life, mine and yours. My sexual orientation is unapologetically, simply part of that."
(July '09 Site of the Month)

Queer(ring) Warhol: Andy Warthol's Self-Portraits. Without a doubt Andy Warhol is one of the most controversial and famous artists of the 20th Century. But his place in art history is coming at a price: suppression of his queer identity. This important exhibition argues that Warhol visibly and consistently performed a queer subjectivity. (Dec. '01 Site of the Month)

Patrick Webb: Punchinello Paintings. The Italian clown, with his phallic nose and dunce cap, attracted Webb instantly. He describes him as “a little like Woody Allen, a bit of a buffoon. He was particular, but also general. He could be repeated. In Punchinello, I found an Everyman who in my paintings is Everygayman”.

Ron Weisberg. Paintings influenced by the early Italian Renaissance.

J.D. Welch. "Before the Altar" is a collection of new paintings by mixed-media queer artist J.D. Welch incorporating themes from popular pornography, art history, and African religion.

Albert Wilking. Tererror Studio - Zombie com -The wonderful world of cloning.

Michael Wilson.The work of American artist printmaker Michael Wilson is featured at the Crazy Tooth Press. Tools, animals, circuits and women feature as subjects in this expressionistic work based on life experience.

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