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Serenely poised between art object and artifact, Kim Anno's oil paintings on wood are intimate explicators of her cultural realities and hopes: a contemporary meld of Islamic and Asian influences, abstraction, spirituality and primitive symbolism, reflecting her passion for elegant form and primitive presence. Her artwork is sensual, subtle, rational, complex, infused with the simplicity that emerges only after protracted thought and effort.

Fully committed to expanding the function of art in society, Anno says she is "seeking the vulnerability of the painting." I take this to mean she explores the purpose and soul of art making, striving to concretize an archaic artistic sensibility that is a harbinger of future possibilities.

The examples shown here are shimmering sentinels of that worthwhile search. In"Fever" she renders a visceral physical and mental experience - the orbs pulsate, filling the field of vision - inevitably one succumbs. Small in scale "Commoner" sympathetically captures the meaning of that word. "Veil", "Moan" and "Solo" resonate with hidden and revealed realities. These five paintings are forms that Anno uses to connect her reality with ours, boldly exposing her emotions, thoughts and artistic beliefs to spur a moment of "vulnerability" with the viewer.

Her work stretches the boundaries of creative expressiveness to create artifacts of new possibilities by gracefully combining the practices of the past and the potentialities of an all-inclusive future with the symbols and forms of other cultures. Anno is an example of the accelerated evolutional capacity inherent in lesbian art; she seeks concrete means of expressing archetypal, spiritual and personal aspirations that appreciate, yet transcend gender, race and locale. She uses color, shape, form and luminosity to evoke, simultaneously, a precognitive and thoughtful response in the viewer. Her work is distinguished by a sophisticated sense of primitive joy. As Anno says, "..they are wild objects of contemplation" - mysterious, fascinating, unforgettably familiar.


Oil on wood
73" x 40"

Oil on wood
25" X 47"

Oil on wood
57" x 37 1/2"
Oil on wood
47" x 22"

Oil on wood
44" x 36